Recommendations for Remuneration

Recommendations for remuneration in marketing communications and digital media sectors

ERTO publishes recommendations for remuneration for marketing communications and digital media sectors that do not have collective agreements. The recommendation that applies to the DigiMaMa members is based on the annual survey to the members. The recommendations set out the basic level of pay for each job title as well as recommendations for the amount and schedule of pay rises.

It also makes sense from the employer’s point of view to follow the recommendations for remuneration, because it makes the recruitment process easier and improves the predictability of payroll expenses. Being aware of the pay level for new recruits and staff pay rises improves the efficiency of financial administration and HR processes.

Download ERTO’s recommendations for remuneration

Occupational group 1

Title: executive, manager, consultant, team leader

Job description: profit responsibility, process management, leadership, client acquisition

Occupational group 2

Title: creative designer, AD, graphic designer, copy- writer, web designer, user interface designer, software designer, web developer, research planner
Job description: creative planning and development

Occupational group 3

Title: designer, production assistant, project coordinator, secretary
Job description: production communications, finishing, production monitoring and auditing, schedule monitoring

Occupational group 4

Title: office personnel, assistant
Job description: invoicing, accounts ledger, payroll computation, offer calculation, other office work