Member benefits

A wide range of benefits for our members

We offer our members a wide variety of services that enable them to strengthen their professional skills, improve their wellbeing at work and recover in their leisure time. As a member of DigiMaMa, you are also automatically a member of the Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO and are entitled to all the services and benefits that ERTO offers.

In addition to the benefits we offer, we represent our members’ interests in the labour market in collaboration with ERTO.

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Training and education

We organise training events that improve the professional skills of our members in various towns and cities around Finland. Our members can always attend our high-quality training events at a reduced price – and some of the events are organised exclusively for our members. 

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Employment consultation

ERTO’s experienced lawyers and experts offer advice and assistance in matters such as salaries, working hours and annual holidays over the phone. We offer employment consultation to our members free of charge.

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Work contract check

Did you know that you can ask ERTO to go over your work contract before you sign it? We’ll get back to you within 24 hours if you contact us during business hours.

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Travel insurance

As a member, you will receive a travel insurance policy offered by the insurer Vakuutusyhtiö Turva. It is valid when you travel abroad in your leisure time, and it covers the costs of treatment needed as a result of an illness or accident during the trip, with no maximum limit to the coverage. Turva also offers discounts to DigiMaMa members on voluntary insurance policies.

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Our members are entitled to a free 30-minute mentoring session each year. Mentoring can help if you are looking for a new career or feel that you are at a crossroads on your career path. If you are interested in a mentoring session, please contact DigiMaMa’s chair Johanna Juntunen and tell her about the topics you would like to discuss.

Ask Johanna about mentoring invoicing service
As a member, you get a 20% discount on the invoicing service. As a DigiMaMa member, the commission on your salary paid by is 4% (normal rate 5%). To benefit from the discount, inform customer service about your membership.

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Lifted online coaching

We want to promote our members’ wellbeing at work by offering them online coaching that supports them at work. The online coaching covers mental control, nutrition, better ways of working, exercise, recovery and stress control.

Read more about Lifted online coaching on the ERTO website (in Finnish)

Discounts and benefits

As a member, you get discounts on fuel, travel and accommodation, for example. In most cases, you can prove your eligibility for discount by showing the ERTO membership card or by giving your ERTO discount code when making a reservation.

Check all the benefits on the ERTO website

Education grant  

Our members can apply for an education grant to be used on training, education, courses and events related to their profession, work, or their activities in the trade union and as employee representatives. The education grant can also cover rehabilitation or training that supports professional skills or coping at work. The maximum sum of the grant is EUR 300, and members can apply once a year.

In your application, please include the name, price, topic and date of the course, training or event, and your reasons for applying for the grant. Also include your banking details with the account number to which we should pay the grant after you have submitted a receipt for the course payment. 

The DigiMaMa board decides on grants and considers the relevance of the course to your work, the grounds for the need for the grant and the applicant’s situation when making the decisions. The grant can be applied for once a year.

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