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DigiMaMa is the trade union for people working in marketing, creative industries and ICT fields.  As a member, you can participate in the representation of interests in your field. You also get advice and legal counselling in employment-related questions free of charge, and tips for a better day at work by participating in our training events and mentoring. Our membership fee also covers the membership of the unemployment fund, thus ensuring that you get full unemployment benefits. We ensure you have a better day at work.

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4 reasons to become a member of DigiMaMa

Training and education

We organise highly popular training events around Finland to improve your professional skills. As a member, you can attend these events at a reduced cost.

Recommendation for remuneration

We publish an annually updated recommendation for remuneration to help you put a price tag on your skills.

Unemployment benefits

Our membership fee includes the contributions to the unemployment fund. As a member, you are entitled to an earnings-related allowance (ansiosidonnainen päiväraha) in the case of unemployment or furlough.

Double your benefits 

DigiMaMa is a member of the Union of Private Sector Professionals (ERTO), which means that our members are automatically also members of ERTO, and are entitled to all the services and benefits that ERTO offers such as free employment consultation and legal aid.

What is DigiMaMa?

DigiMaMa is an organisation that brings together professionals in digital media, marketing communications, ICT, the gaming sector, design and other creative industries, representing their interests in the labour market. Our mission is to improve our members’ working conditions, enable their professional growth and assist them when they encounter challenges related to their employment or working life. Our qualified experts have extensive experience and versatile backgrounds, always accompanied by an optimistic attitude – all the answers are there somewhere, you just have to ask to find them!

DigiMaMa is a member of the Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO, which means that all of our members are automatically members of ERTO and are entitled to all the services and benefits that ERTO offers. Our membership fee also covers the contributions to the Erityisalojen Toimihenkilöiden Työttömyyskassa unemployment fund.

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Creative design top event!

Huiput Creative Festival tarjoaa innostavia ideoita ja kohtaamisia sekä uusia näkökulmia alan ammattilaisille, asiakkaille ja kaikille luovasta suunnittelusta kiinnostuneille. Huiput Creative Festival (ent. Vuoden Huiput Festival) tuo Clarion Hotel Jätkäsaareen…